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MagicFlex Analysis Software Ltd (Israeli StartUp)

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A major challenge in administration of today's complex converged infrastructure environments is the difficulty in obtaining a comprehensive picture across the entire data center. In response, MagicFlex has developed a unique software solution that enables administrators to gain end‑to‑end actionable insights across their server, SAN, network and virtualization elements.

MagicFlex Analysis Software Ltd., an innovative software vendor, introduces unique perceptions and analysis for converged infrastructure environments. It is a distinctive product that integrates advanced troubleshooting, preventive analysis and actionable insights

Company founders developed MagicFlex based on their experience as Virtual Connect architects and technical consultants since its inception. They recognized the need to easily identify issues within Virtual Connect and developed a unique solution that assists network and system administrators with analysis and troubleshooting.

MagicFlexSoftware How it Works

MagicFlex collects configuration and status information from the data center components, including VCM, OneView, VMware and SAN/LAN switches. MagicFlex compares the configuration data daily to the previous configuration and health statuses to note any modifications and to discover any incompatibilities. In addition, health status information is collected at regular intervals, including port counters, performance data and more. MagicFlex analyzes this data and when inconsistencies are discovered, provides configuration, status and performance analysis alerts, and then delivers actionable insights.
MagicFlex is an out of band, read-only mode software solution installed as a virtual appliance based on pre-configured Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. The appliance is provided in a VMware and HyperV format. No operations are performed on the data center components, instead data is collected via secure data communication from the servers, SAN/LAN switches
and virtual machines.

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