DG Card live Your Cloud Business Card
 DG Card has been developed to solve the problem of the waste of time we all have when we want or need to find someone with whom we don´t have contact from some time ago.

If they are not in our contact book we will need to look for them in several social networks to check if they are in any of them and if they have made public any data to be found.

Another option is to search in the cards we have somewhere, in a drawer and, after having seen all of them, if we are lucky, find the ones we are looking for. Now, cross your fingers and ask the data in the card not to be out-dated. 

DG Card is the New Digital Address Book: Cloud-based, 100% Personalized, always Up-dated, always available and Interactive. 

This app allow us to keep our contacts in the cloud and to have them always with us in any platform. Even if we change our smartphone or our PC or MAC we will have access to them with no need to do anything.

With powerful personalization tools, it allow us to design a card with infinite designs and photos, as well as all contact information and direct links to our social networks. We will also be able to use the voice dictation system for an easier design in smartphones.

Human memory is very visual, and it is much easier to remember the DG Card of someone but, also, this app allows to search by any field, to make it simple

It is also possible to tag all received cards in a very simple manner, in order to have them better classified. 

With DG Card we have all information that our contact wants to share at a simple click. With this card totally interactive, when we click at any field it will open immediately. This way we will have direct access, with no time waste, to phone call, e-mail, messaging systems, social networks or, even, navigator to the address. 

DG Card is an alive card. Each time we change any data, photo or design in our card it will also change in the one people we have share it with has. Absolutely all data of our contacts will be always up-dated; for our whole life! 

With DG Card we will finally always have all our contacts available and at a simple click, wherever we are and wherever they are. Likewise, they will also be able to find us despite any change in our life.

Using this app we will have our Address Book always available in all our devices: PC, smartphone, tablet...  It contains all visual information and with fast access to our contacts, and not only what we have recorded manually. 

DG Card is personal and it works with the same privacy than the almost obsolete paper business cards: only who we want will have our DG Card.

We can make our DG Card forwardable or not and we can show or hide our mobile depending on who we are sharing it with.

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